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Banjo fittings widely used Banjo fittings
Banjo fittings widely used » Banjo fittings

Pictures available of Banjo fittings widely used:

Banjo fittings

Banjo fittings widely used

Working pressure:15Bar
Temperature range:-20℃ to +80℃
Materials: nickel-plated brass

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Banjo fittings widely used Details

       A Poolke banjo fitting also called an internally relieved bolt comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. Banjo fittings are commonly used in automotive fuel, oil and hydraulic systems. The main advantage of banjo fittings is that they can be used in high pressure applications, more than 50 bar.
       The name stems from the shape of the fitting, having a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo. We manufacture different sizes of banjo fittings, BSM banjo fitting, MPB banjo ring, RPB banjo ring, RPBD double banjo ring, MPBL swiveling fitting with banjo ring, some typical ones are on the picture below:
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