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ISO A Hydraulic Quick Couplings KIS-A
ISO A Hydraulic Quick Couplings » KIS-A

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ISO A Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Coupling: steel (zinc chromate plating)
Nipple: hardened steel (zinc chromate plating)
Other materials: brass, stainless steel are available upon request

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ISO A Hydraulic Quick Couplings Details

    ISO A hydraulic quick couplings,hydraulic quick couplers,hydraulic quick acting couplers are made of metallic material. The

couplings of hydraulic quick couplings are made of steel (zinc chromate plating), and the nipples are made of hardened steel

(zinc chromate plating). If you need other materials like brass hydraulic quick couplings or stainless steel hydraulic quick couplings,

please just tell us, many materials are available. Furthermore, there are different types of quick couplings to satisfy your needs:

KIS-A-G02SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G03SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G04SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-

G06SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G08SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G10SP hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G12SP

hydraulic quick couplings, KIS-A-G16SP hydraulic quick couplings, etc. We can supply what ever you need, please contact us!
1. Meets the requirements of ISO7241-1A.
2. O-ring provides an additional PTFE support ring, applies to high-pressure environment.
3. Both nipple and ferrule are hardened to make the couplings resistant to shock damage of the machine.
4. The durable ball-locking mechanism ensures a reliable connection each time.
5. The combinational conical valve seal ensures a better airtightness and less damage caused by high velocity fluid.
6. Dust caps, female pipe, BSPP or NPT thread are available upon request.
Interchange: Parker 600, Nitto 280, Hansen Ha15000, Foster A series, Faster ANV Cejn X95




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